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Melissa Byrka

Exercise Science Dip. | CSEP - CPT | 200HR Registered Yoga Teacher | Precision Nutrition Level 1 

"With my knowledge, I will help you move in a way that your body was designed to. My intention is to repair dysfunction, build strength and level up your body awareness and intuitiveness. Skills that can stick with you for a lifetime."

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Introducing Live Class

Remote Coaching Through Zoom.

For busy ladies & moms that need to sneak in a workout between tasks, I'm introducing Live class so you can get a full workout or relaxing yoga class when it's convenient for you!

Private 1- ON -1

Fitness + Yoga.

Melissa is well known as an Elite Personal trainer, Specializing in strength training for women with a well-rounded approach she combines exercise, mobility, and Nutrition to improve her client's quality of life or achieve specific goals...Read More


Fitness + Yoga.

Melissa LOVES the energy that comes with small group classes. Whether it's the healthy competition that comes with a boot camp or uplifting vibe of everyone flowing together in yoga, we absolutely enjoy bringing people together...Read More

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