The days of "going to the gym" are long gone, us ladies are far too busy!

With Byrka Fitness Mobile Sessions

You workout 1- ON -1, and in your own HOME!

Mobile Training


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Melissa is well known as an Elite Personal Trainer, specializing in strength training for women. She focuses on proper alignment & activation, corrective exercise, nutrition, and stress-management to improve her client's quality of life and achieve their specific fitness goals.

The Mobile programs are perfect for women that are serious about results and don't have the time to go to a gym or leave the house. We can bring the equipment and come right to your home. With 1- ON -1 attention from your trainer you get to maximize your sessions/time and ensure you get an amazing workout!


1- on -1

Personal Training & Yoga

With the right guidance, there's something powerful about having a trainer observing, correcting, pushing and supporting you. 

Get the absolute most out of your workout with a 1-on-1 training session!

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Mobile Group

Boot Camp Style & Yoga Classes

Melissa LOVES the energy that comes with small group classes. Whether it's the healthy competition that comes with a boot camp or uplifting vibe of everyone flowing together in yoga, we absolutely enjoy bringing people together.

Mobile Group classes give lots of opportunities to get adjustments on your form, ask questions and feel like you're getting the most of your workout.

Invite friends or book a yoga class for a party/event your hosting!

How to Get Started.

Although we wish we could work with everyone, we simply can't. Melissa is a new mother and a busy small business owner. Currently, Melissa can only take 8 clients at a time to ensure she can give the time and attention to each client that they need to achieve their desired goals. The client journey ranges from 3 - 8 months, so new clients are chosen as space allows.

Firstly, you'll need to complete the application and interview process. If it appears to be a good fit you'll be added to the waitlist or if space is available you'll be able to start right away. 


However, our online programs have no capacity! So if you're eager to get started with Melissa you can Buy a 12-Week Program with coaching to start seeing amazing results right away!

Currently, Melissa has ONE spot available.

If you're interested, please use the link below to submit your application.


(Takes roughly 5 minutes to complete)