WELCOME GIRL!!! To the application for the FTFcommunity 90 day 1:1 Program TRANSFORM FOR LIFE. PLEASE READ THROUGH HERE !

Congrats, the fact that you've landed here means you care enough to to be in the preparation stage to make change ! At team FTF we are ready and have the tools to support women who want to love their body,improve their relationhsip with food and reclaim their happiness & health!

This form is an opportunity for us to see if and how we can help you! We do not take just ANYONE on to this team. We take on dedicated women that are ready to do what it takes to Transform For Life !

This is your opportunity to show us WHY you are are a great fit for this team! If we review your application and think we can help you and vibe with you, My consult specialist Liz ( shes the shit) , will reach out to you to set up a 10 minute to see if and how we can help you!